Bodyfulness - A return to your body

Written by Karina Helsted Moe
Published in September 2021 by Myrens Forlag in Danish. 
Translated to English by Sinéad Quirke Køngerskov in December 2022, published by Myrens Forlag.  
The first book that provides both a theoretical and practical introduction to Bodyfulness
Easily accessible, full of client cases and supported by studies and research
Already on the curriculum of several major psychotherapist and physioterapist education programmes in Denmark 

What the book means to people? 

In a world where the majority of us are busy living in our heads, Karina Helsted Moe has made it her mission to return us to our bodies. This book, based on Karina’s solid knowledge and many years of practical experience, is an excellent guide to rediscovering your body as an inner treasure chest.
Karen Pallisgaard
Yoga and meditation teacher and author of several books on yoga and meditation
With Bodyfulness, Karina Helsted Moe has enriched us with a very important tool for dealing with what we in medical parlance call psychosomatic symptoms. Most people will experience progress if they follow Karina’s instructions. In my work as a doctor, I already apply some of the techniques I have learned on courses with Karina. With Bodyfulness the Book, doctors and other health professionals now have a practical tool for our patients.
Alice Højer Christensen
Medical Consultant, PhD and specialist in internal medicine and medical gastroenterology
So many of us need to get out of our head and down into our body. With Bodyfulness, I have found a way that works. I have been a student of Karina for years. Her teaching holds great significance both for my work as a psychologist and my life in general. Karina’s practical wisdom can be clearly felt in this book, which you wish would go and on and on.
Nina Jensen
Psychologist, specialist and supervisor in Work and Organisational Psychology
A very important book – filled with relevant examples and excellent exercises, which many teachers in, for instance, yoga and meditation can benefit from. The book is magnificently intense – captivating for those interested in body work. It has its own special energy and radiates bodyfulness.
Linnea Beek Hansen
Transformational Breath® senior trainer
"En meget vigtig bog - fyldt med vedkommende eksempler og rigtig gode øvelser, som mange undervisere i blandt andet yoga og meditation kan drage nytte af. Bogen er intens på en herlig måde - fængslende for dem, der er interesserede i kropsarbejde. Den har sin egen særlige energi og udstråler netop Bodyfulness."
Linnea Beek Hansen
Transformational Breath© seniortræner
"Bodyfulness skal opleves. Det er en skøn kombination af åndedræt og bevægelse, som forløser stagnerede følelser og energi, åbner op til dybere indre kontakt, mere livfuldhed og glæde.
Jeg får åbnet til et tættere og kærligere samliv med min krop, og det føles virkelig dejligt.”
Anette Kjærgaard
Journalist, mentor og coach
Karen Pallisgaard
Alice højer Christensen
Nina Jensen
Bodyfulness - a return to your body

New book – new method

Bodyfulness shows the way from thoughts back into your body. The method is described for the first time in Denmark in the book Bodyfulness – A return to your body.

Bodyfulness is presence training, so it’s reminiscent of mindfulness, but there are significant differences. For example, Bodyfulness is based on a completely new breathing technique, a greater freedom to move and a full acceptance of the feelings that come up in your body.

The book is divided into three steps, as well as an exercise section:
Step 1: Can you feel your body?
Step 2: Give all your emotions space
Step 3: Living with the body as your guide

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